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What road hazards do bicyclists face?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2021 | Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycling is often seen as a healthy alternative to vehicle commuting, and scores of cyclists on California roads show that many people prefer their bikes over cars. Hazards exist on the roads, however, and they present potentially severe dangers to bicyclists. Even the best bike lacks the steel-framed protection of many vehicles, so a fall could lead to broken bones or worse. Knowing a little about common road hazards can help make things safer for cyclists.

Bikes and troubles with the road

Not all roads are well-maintained, and cracks, potholes and other imperfections present more than poor aesthetics. A cyclist could hit a pothole or crack and go flying off the bike. The landing may result in a traumatic head injury even when the cyclist is wearing an appropriate safety helmet.

Not all roads are even or paved. Gravel roads may turn up in unexpected places, leaving bicyclists with a rough surface. Objects may hide beneath the gravel, remaining unknown until a wheel hits them.

Dealing with many hazards

Whether in an urban or rural area, a bicyclist might run into dangers. A railroad crossing might be hard to miss, but some people cross the tracks without caution. Certain areas may have guards designed to stop livestock, and a bicyclist might run right into them.

Regardless of location, bicyclists need to be aware of other cyclists and vehicles. Accidents with a pedestrian could happen, and the walker or jogger might turn out to be the negligent person responsible for the collision. Someone with headphones on may bump into a bicyclist, causing an unexpected and terrible injury.

An attorney may assess the various financial losses that a bicyclist suffers due to someone’s negligence. An insurance claim may be possible, or the attorney might recommend taking the case to civil court.