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Can an off-duty police officer receive workers compensation?

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Car Accidents

Yes. With some exceptions, California Labor Code section 3600.2 states that if an off-duty police officer gets injured while trying to apprehend law violators, protect life or property, or preserve the peace, they should be given all of the same benefits as if they were on duty.  This does not apply if they were working for someone else and being paid (like a private security company). It also doesn’t apply if the police officer is doing things that are expressly prohibited by his department (like moonlighting as Batman).

Can a police officer also receive compensation from someone who is at fault for an accident?  

Yes.  Police officers, whether on duty or off duty can also recover money from the at-fault party for injuries.  This most often happens when a police officer is involved in a car accident.  The insurance company for at-fault person will be responsible to pay for the damages to body and car.

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