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Uneven Pavement and Motorcycle Accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Firm News

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2016, 14% of fatal traffic collisions involved a motorcycle. Because they are small in size, typically have only two wheels, and don’t offer a metal protective barrier like a car, road hazards, such as uneven pavement, present a greater risk to motorcycles and their drivers and passengers. When a car rolls over a pothole or raised area of the road, it may cause the vehicle to shake or bump and the passengers to jolt. It might even result in a bit of damage. However, if a motorcycle hits the same area, the front tire might get caught, flinging the driver and passenger across the highway. The initial collision and resulting impact can cause serious injury or even death. Although a biker could take precautions and obey road signs, there is still the potential of colliding with some unseen or unexpected road hazard. Perhaps a construction crew left a metal slab lying in the road away from the work area, or a city failed to fill a pothole that the rider couldn’t see while driving at night. Any sudden change between road levels could be dangerous for bikers and cause a motorcycle accident. Common causes of uneven pavement include:

  • Construction projects: Crews may dig up portions of the road to lay new asphalt or access lines. Additional hazards are created when the workers use steel plates to cover excavated areas.
  • Wear and tear: As cars and big rigs use roads, areas may become weakened and crumble.
  • Weather erosion: Cracks in the road can be made worse when it rains, as water can weaken the soil underneath.
  • Edge breaks: This occurs when adjoining lanes are at different levels.
  • Gravel: Bits of road or dirt can decrease wheel traction.

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