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While our prior case results, testimonials, or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter, the attorneys at Woods Williford, P.C. invite you to read through some of our previous results to learn more about our client-focused representation. Every individual's case is different depending on the injury, insurance limits, and liability. Contact us online today or call (949) 558-2245 to discuss your case.
    • Settlement recovered for a car accident victim $6,000,000.00

      $6,000,000 recovered for a car accident

    • On-Duty Police Officer Car Accident $2,000,000

      $2 million recovery for an on duty police officer in a car accident in San Diego

    • Woods Williford Recovers For Motorcycle Accident $1,500,000.00

      Woods Williford recovered $1,500,000 insurance policy limits for our client who was struck by a car while riding his motorcycle.

    • Recovery for Man Ran Over in Restaurant $1,250,000.00

      Our client was struck by a car while he was eating lunch in a restaurant. A negligent driver hit the accelerator instead of the brakes and went crashing through a window and into a restaurant injuring several people. Our firm recovered $1,250,000 for our injured client. Our client was able to purchase a new home cash with his proceeds so that he could take care of his family.

    • Trip and fall accident in Los Angeles $925,000.00

      $925,000 recovered for trip and fall accident in Los Angeles.

    • Couple hit by big rig on Los Angeles freeway. $800,000.00

      $800,000 recovered for couple hit by big rig on Los Angeles freeway.

    • Police officer in a motorcycle accident in Sacramento. $650,000.00

      $650,000 recovered for a police officer in a motorcycle accident in Sacramento.

    • Recovered For A Client Who Undergoes Neck Surgery $500,000.00

      Our client was a passenger riding with his friend when their car was struck and the car rolled. Our client suffered herniated discs in his neck which required surgery. Woods Williford was able to recover $500,000 policy limits for our client.

    • Disabled Client in Medical Transportation Vehicle Receives Settlement $500,000.00

      Our client was thrown out of her wheelchair while riding in a medical transportation van causing her to break her leg at the tibia area. The insurance company initially denies liability, but after lengthy litigation, Woods Williford finds the evidence we need to ensure a victory. Case settles for $500,000 at mediation.

    • Family of Soldier Recovers for Wrongful Death $500,000.00

      We were able to recover $500,000 policy limits for the family of a Marine that was killed during a motorcycle accident. This money will never replace this young man. Our heart continues to go out to his family for his loss.

    • Settlement for Fall on Stairs in Costa Mesa $500,000.00

      Woods Williford was able to recover $500,000 for our client who fell down residential stairs that did not have a handrail. Our client fractured her knee which required surgery.

    • Settlement For Trip and Fall Victim in San Bernardino $500,000.00

      Our client tripped and fell in a parking lot where there were very large cracks and inadequate lighting. She injured her low back which required a surgery. Woods Williford was able to negotiate a settlement during litigation after liability was denied.

    • Recovery for Client Who Breaks Femur $425,000.00

      Our Client broke his femur in a car accident while driving on the job. Although there was only a $15,000 insurance policy from the responsible party, we found another policy which allowed our client to recover an additional $410,000.

    • Settlement Recovered for Man Rear-ended by Semi Truck $425,000.00

      Woods Williford recovered $425,000 for our client who sustained neck injuries.

    • Recovered for Young Man with Brain Injury $400,000.00

      Woods Williford was able to find an additional insurance policy of $300,000 through investigations when the insurance company initially declared that there was only $100,000 in total insurance to compensate the injured party. Unfortunately for many injured parties, the limits of insurance coverage are not sufficient for the injury and the person causing the accident does not have any assets to satisfy the judgment. As you read results like these, there are often little victories that turn a terrible situation slightly better. In this case, it was in fighting our client's health insurance from taking the entire $400,000 away from the victim. Please make sure you speak with your insurance agent to make sure you have sufficient uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage to protect you and your family. Please feel free to call and speak to an attorney at Woods Williford to get advice on what types of coverages you should have for your family.