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    • Can my Insurance Refuse to Pay Underinsured Motorist Benefits in an Accident with Multiple People?

      The Minimal Limits of $15,000 in California is Too Low People are seriously injured by careless drivers everyday in California. One of the biggest issues that arises in our attempts to recover for ...

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    • My Uber or Lyft Driver Crashed While Looking at Their Phone, is Uber or Lyft Responsible?

      By now, most people are aware that it is illegal to use their cell phones while they are driving. California first enacted a law that made texting illegal in 2008. This law has been changed over the ...

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    • Can I Cross Over the Solid Double White Lines Next to the Carpool Lane?

      If you're confused about those new double white lines next to the carpool lane in California, you are not alone. People Understand Not to Cross Over Double Yellow Lines, But What About Double White ...

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